English Lads says: Logan Hardy is a baby-faced lad, he looks innocent and cute, but when he gets naked I think there’s a naughty side to him. His body is muscled with a well built upper body, great lats and chest, really nice definition and a nice 6 pack. He’s smooth almost all over.

He tries a couple of pieces of underwear for us, and can’t help but get hard because he’s being watched his uncut cock is nice and big, and goes rock solid, and his large balls dangle enticingly. He wanks for us, teasing his cock and bell end it refuses to do anything other than point to the ceiling.

Logan isn’t shy about showing us his hole smooth too, and he pushes his finger inside and clearly likes the feeling. He looks pretty good on all fours.

When he cums his muscles all tenses, and his balls and cock twitch, and suddenly there’s a big mess all over his abs.




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