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Top 100 world’s sexiest men and boys at English Lads (11-20)


Top 100 world’s sexiest men and boys at English Lads (11-20)

English Lads says: Ok I have to admit whilst researching this top 100 I have developed a slight crush on one English Lad in particular his name is Dan Broughton, so no apologies for him featuring no less than three times in this post. If you like I would love to check out a bit more of Dan Broughton then you can do that here. Dan was the 2007 winner of Mr Gay UK so he has some pedigree. And I’ll leave you to decide if he is up to a bit of hero worship.


As always with British boys and men, most of them remain uncut so not only do you get great big British cocks but you also get a whole range of dicks big and small with their foreskins still intact. In this next Top 100 we bring you the hundred sexiest British guys from the English Lads stable.


Let us know if you have any particular favorites and we will do a special expose on those chosen few but lie back and enjoy our first crop of the top 100 English lads. You can check the full list of sexy English Lads here. Enjoy!


And if you are one of those guys who just can’t wait until to get a look at the full crop of English boys and men then you will find a full rundown of them here. If you want to be sure not to miss the full top 100 countdown then be sure to subscribe to us here you can do that at the bottom of any page.







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