Cowboy twinks Texas Holcum and Clark Kent at SD Boy

Cowboy twinks Texas Holcum and Clark Kent

SD Boy says: Like a duck to water, Clark Kent swallows all of Texas Holcum, anally. Bouncing up and down, Clark moans and gasps. As the camera pans to the front, we can enjoy both of their stiff dicks. Texas now pounds from below and is given a kiss and a ‘ah fuck’ from Clark, Texas does hit the spot.

Grabbing Clark’s face and bringing it down, the two watch one another as they fuck, intensely. The close up of Cark cowboying is hot, not only for us, but for Texas Jr where riding the range has a ‘hole’ new meaning, giddy up.

As they change positions to doggie style, Clark says, put it all the fucking way in! Accommodating his partner, Texas goes balls deep and soon both of them moan with each thrust. Watching Texas’ backside hump Clark is so sexy, I agree with Clark, who moans, ‘oh baby’. Switching to a missionary position, Clark begins to tug as Texas takes full advantage of the situation, they kiss, passionately. Damn, Texas has got some moves, bringing Clark to the edge, then changing up the pace. Texas’ balls tighten as he pumps in and out of ‘Superman’. ‘You like that, huh, dirty boy?’ Clark moans as his partner pumps and penetrates, deeply.

The two then lie back to masturbate, ‘shoot that fuckin’ load in my mouth, baby’ whines Clark. Sweet cream squirts from Texas and is quickly gobbled up my Clark, ‘fuck yeah’ moans Texas. Clark needs a bit more cock to blow his load and Texas is happy to oblige, shoving his meat into Clark’s mouth, while he jerks. The two share their loads and kiss, satisfied that ‘Texas is the place to be’.

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