Cute 18 year old Vince Smith you wanna fuck me?

SDBoy says: Vince Smith is a sweet boy with already quite some experience under his belt. He’s been having sex since he was 14. He was at a friend’s house; the first time they just gave one another a blowjob.

But next time, they flipped; “it was wonderful” he grins. So, I’ve got to ask this cute, 18 year old, ‘why do porn?’ Vince says, “seems like fun and something I can enjoy.” On the bed, Vince gets started; I zoom in to see his manscaping and notice that he keeps watching my crotch.

“You should stroke me,” he says with a smile. All I do is touch his dick and he is up; once I start sucking, I’m up as well. Vince moans when I take him into my mouth; he says his neck and nipples are his most sensitive areas.

I twist his nipple and he responds immediately. This young, smoothed skinned kid has me tenting. Vince notices my hard cock and suggests, “why don’t you bring it over here.” As he sucks me, I try to get some tight angles and close ups, but he has definitely got my attention with his mouth.

Then he goes down and licks my balls as well. Vince begins to tug at himself while he blows me and works his hand around my shaft. He has got me really hot at this point; I think the camera picks up my racing heartbeat.

Vince looks up at me and says, “you wanna fuck me?” He might as well have asked me if a bear shits in the woods! Any guesses to who got off twice in this video? Get cute 18 year old Vince video at SDBoy!

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